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Prism Print International acts as a forum for cross-cultural exchange through fine art printmaking and international exchange exhibitions. It wishes to expand its connections with other printmaking organisations and individuals internationally to give participants of all backgrounds opportunities to be seen as widely as possible across the world.

As Prism has expanded we have now established a formal Management Committee currently consisting of John Read (Chair), Kyoko Read (Secretary), Nigel Oxley (Treasurer), and Wendy Shirvani (Ordinary Member). AGMs and other meetings will be held regularly to ensure proper management of exhibitions, communications and funding.

We may seek further members in time but for now since our associates are so widespread and could not attend meetings we will try to remain small to be effective.

Prism is currently an unregistered 'non profit' organisation. Charges made to participating artists are solely to cover costs.

Note for contributing artists: Subsequent to the Tokyo 'Prism 4' exhibition, the organisation will ask participating artists to allow it to retain works sent for shows for a period of approximately one year in order to facilitate travelling exhibitions without the necessity for frequent shipping of works across the globe, with all the risks, costs and delays. This retention is not mandatory and is by agreement only.

Prism was founded in 2102 to invite Toshiaki Yanagisawa, of the Yanagisawa Gallery in Urawa, Japan, to bring some of his gallery artists to London to join in an exchange exhibition at the Mile End Art Pavilion with Nigel Oxley's 'Printworks' group in June 2013. The Yanagisawa Gallery exchanged exhibitions with the Graphic Studio Dublin and also with other international galleries in the past.

Printworks was then invited to a joint show at the Yanagisawa Gallery in November 2013, and an exhibition at the Spazio Ostrakon in Milan followed in October 2014, brought together through a connection with Printworks. These became the Prism World Printmaking Exhibitions 1, 2 and 3.

The Prism founders are the artists John Read and Nigel Oxley who were both painting students at Camberwell School of Art in the late 1960s. Nigel Oxley has a long career behind him as a master etcher and printmaker, having worked for both White Ink and Kelpra before teaching at the London Metropolitan University. John Read's career embraced art and design - teaching at the Cambridge Art School and running a design business, as well as making artworks.

Through Read's close association with Japan since 1977, and Oxley's deep roots in the world of printmaking, their interest in cultural exchange has firm foundations shaping the aims of Prism to bring understanding and appreciation of diversity through art.

About 'Printworks'

The fine art printmaking group 'Printworks' was formed by the late David Skingle and NIgel Oxley while both were teaching at the London Metropolitan University. Skingle was then head of department and Printworks was a loose collection or ad hoc group assembled from current and ex-students for exhibitions, usually in London.

After Skingle's sudden early passing, Oxley continued to assemble his current and ex-students for shows until in 2012 John Read approached him with the idea of putting on a joint show in London with his connection, the Yanagisawa Gallery in Urawa, Japan. Oxley suggested the name Prism for the new formulation which would act as a facilitator for exchange exhibitions around the world, and Prism World Printmaking One, held in London in 2013, was the result.

Convinced there was more that could be done to reclaim the ground of serious artistic printmaking from the slide into easy 'print' production by ill-considered digital and other means, and that the potential for bringing artist from more remote places to the attention of the London audience was there, PRISM set forth to become a living entity reaching out to artists as far afield as possible, limited only by the existence of serious printmakers within any region.




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Prism was part of the IXth Engraving Exhibition in the Santa Maria della Pietà in Cremona, Italy, September 24 - October 29, 2017!