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Previous exhibitions -

9th Engraving Biennial, Cremona

Spodki Gallery, Bialystok

Clifford Chance, London

Embassy Tea Gallery, London

Goto Gallery, Tokyo

Spazio Ostrakon, Milan

Yanagisawa Gallery, Urawa

Mile End Art Pavilion, London


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Residencies and Master Classes





PRISM is associated with Studios and Master Printers

Residencies, Master Classes


Master classes at the Nigel Oxley Studio

Nigel Oxley is an internationally recognised master etcher and printer, having worked with many well known British and American artists during his career at White Ink and Kelpra in London.

He is also author of the standard work on colour etching - Colour Etching: Printmaking Handbook; A&C Black London  ISBN 978-0-7136-6820    (available from Amazon)

Nigel is known for his ability to nurture the creativity and technical abilities of his students and now, as co-founder of Prism, he extends this into the international community of fine art printmakers

The Studio offers a two-day masterclass on a one-to-one basis (with overnight accommodation if required) – Platemaking Day 1, Printing Day 2

Prism residencies with Nigel Oxley are also available on a paid basis, by negotiation, at his studios in Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex

Please see his website for further information and contact details


Volcanic Editions specialize in four print processes

Screenprinting, Solar Plate Etching, Monotype and Drypoint

Throughout the year Volcanic Editions offer an almost continual rolling programme of back to back eight week blocks of studio time. Thursdays for three artists working with Screenprinting, and Fridays for four artists working with Solar Plate Etching, Monotype and Drypoint processes.

They also run one day Saturday Introductions to Solar Plate Etching and two day Weekend courses in Screenprinting

In the summer there will be a week long Screenprint Summer School and a similar week long opportunity to work with Monotype, Drypoint and Solar Plate Etching

Parking. Secure Parking in Providence Place, £9 for eight hours and only a 5 minute walk away.

4 places at £265 each. A £50 deposit made out to Volcanic Editions to confirm

Contact for dates and further details or see the website:


Courses at Volcanic Editions

Ian Bown, who exhibits with Printworks and has been shown by PRISM, runs Volcanic Editions and teaches courses at the studios in Brighton

Volcanic Editions is also set up to offer editioning for the experienced artist or one-to-one sessions for aspiring printmakers

Email for prices


At the time of writing in 2014, four artists from this workshop have prints through to the second round of the RA Summer Show.

Prints made in this workshop have also been exhibited in The International Print Biennale in Newcastle, Pushing Print, Margate, Originals and Bite, The Mall Galleries, London, The Lucy Bainbridge Open, The National Open, Chichester. Prizes have been won at four of these venues


Instagram: @prismprint

Prism was part of the IXth Engraving Exhibition in the Santa Maria della Pietà in Cremona, Italy, September 24 - October 29, 2017!

KAWALABO! - Machida City, Japan

This dynamic studio is run by Masahiro Kawara, assisted by his partner Sachie. It has a huge and growing reputation in Japan and although specialising in machine litho printing, they also have facilities for almost every other form of printmaking!

His connections far and wide bring him students and professionals from all over the world to work with him in his studio.

Master Printer Kawara-san is a highly skilled but genial tutor in many processes, such as the waterless litho he demonstrated at East London Printmakers when brought by Prism to London in 2015, seen at left.


Masahiro Kawara in London at ELP