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Rebecca Jewell - Lark - 2014 Mixed media print

Jewell studied illustration at the Royal College of Art, exploring ethnographic artefacts in the Natural History Museum and British Museum, London. This followed a stay in Papua New Guinea which led to her studying Social Anthropology at Cambridge University. Alongside her artistic engagement with the ritual use of bird feathers in tribal cultures, she has recently become involved in responses to illegal bird hunting in the Mediterranean. She exhibits widely internationally and lives and works in London.

Dolores De Sade - The Third Labour of Hercules - 2014 Etching

De Sade engages with the meaning of landscape now, as a social construction, exploring memory, nostalgia, myth and narrative, and the contemporary context. Stylistically, she draws on 18th & 19th century book and periodical illustrations, investigating their role in the formulation of knowledge in her practice. She did research in history at York University, studied printmaking at the Royal College of Art and is Chair of the East London Printmakers group. De Sade lives and works in London.

Susan Aldworth - The Entangled Self 1 - 2014 Etching

Aldworth studied philosophy at Nottingham and then printmaking at Sir John Cass, London. She has an interest in expanding conceptions of the contemporary portrait, referencing medicine, neuroscience and philosophy regarding identity, and latterly the divided mind or ‘Self’. Her etchings are always technically innovative, including working from slices of the human brain. Recent large exhibitions include The Portrait Anatomised (at the NPG, London), and Reassembling the Self (the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle). She lives and works in London.

Trevor Banthorpe - Palmhouse 7 - 2014 Woodblock

Banthorpe studied at Sir John Cass School of Art in London and marries exquisite craftsmanship in traditional techniques of fine woodblock printmaking with, effectively, its opposite in a fascination with the quotidian ephemera of ordinary life seen through his mobile phone camera. Juxtaposing the instant disposable image with its time-consuming replication by hand he attempts to balance experiences of the ‘instant life’ with the implications of its legacy.


Hideki Kondo - Secret Forest - 2014 Lithograph

Kondo received an MFA from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, and was a research student at Royal Arts Academy, the Hague. He has exhibited widely in Japan, and in the Netherlands. He is especially absorbed by the intimate, natural realm of the forms of plants and seeks to capture and express this parallel world in his lithographs. 

Claudia De Grandi - The Channel Suite - Before a Storm - 2014 Collagraph

De Grandi studied music at the Conservatory of Music of Piracicaba, Sao Paolo, before travelling the world. In the UK, she studied fine art and then transnational art at Camberwell University of the Arts, London. Her interest in cultural hybridity influences her work which recently reflects the differences in light and atmosphere of the subtle English coastal light.

Takahiko Hayashi - The Unformed Figure - Never be Defeated Way - 2001 Etching & Chine Collé

Hayashi gained MFA Printmaking from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. He refined his use of ‘old-fashioned’ techniques in order to express his philosophical considerations with great flexibility and responsiveness to the individual work in hand using chine collé and delicate Gampi Japanese paper. Extending the production of his prints with this technique forms the ‘stage’ on which he ‘acts’ as an artist.

Ritsuko Ozeki - A Doll - 2013 Etching

Ozeki studied painting and intaglio printmaking at Musashino Art University, Tokyo, and exhibits widely across the world though her work focuses on her very personal experiences and memories. Taking their fading after-image as a source, she creates a personal symbol, resurrecting sentiment. This atmosphere of times past and attachment to shifting details synthesises a narrative which occasionally becomes the objective.

Yuuichi Kashima - Bandai Bridge - 2014 Woodblock

Kashima has an MFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, exhibits widely in Japan and has numerous prizes and awards for his work. Kashima’s sources are the ephemeral residual imagery of daily life as they impinge on a receptive memory. Striking forms and scenes resurface as imagery in his work but are reformed by his conscious struggle to refurbish the sense of a more impressive reality than actually existed.

Park Jae Young - Looking Up I - 2013 Woodblock

Park Jae Young studied at Duksung University in Korea, and MFA Printmaking at both Musashino Art University, Tokyo, and Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Explorations of subjectivity in memories of people and events form the basis of her concerns. The transparent effect of Japanese woodblock with watercolours fits this equivocal enquiry beautifully. Young lives and works in Japan and exhibits widely internationally.

Jin Hirosawa - Afternoon - 2014 Silkscreen with beeswax

Hirosawa received an MFA from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, and is a lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University. He has received several prizes and awards for his works and exhibited extensively in Japan. Growing up in a seaside town, early experiences of the littoral, suggestive of the boundary between this life and the next but strewn with curious detritus from far away, informs his creativity in complex post-processed silkscreen prints.

Tsutomu Morita - Garden Voice of the Wind 2 - 2013 Woodblock

Morita graduated from Tokyo Fine Arts University. He has exhibited widely in Japan and Korea, specialising in soft, atmospheric, Japanese woodblock printmaking techniques. Drawing on visionary sensitivities to light on plants, the garden environment he tries to evoke stands for the rightness and balance of the ideal world which provides reassurance. His work embraces this deep desire.

Toshihiko Ikeda - The Comfortable Coexistence - 2014 Etching

Ikeda graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts and became an assistant in printmaking there and in Yokohama College of Art and Design. In 2013 he spent a year in London on a Japanese government study programme. His work expresses human figures which seem to transcend death - or life. Extraordinarily fine drawing, and his unique dark created by corrosion of copper plates, creates an overwhelming sensation of physicality.

John Read - Extravagance of Reason - 2014 Collagraph

Read studied painting and sculpture at Camberwell College of Art, London, has an MA in communication theory and researched theories of spatial experience at UEA. He taught at Cambridge School of Art, with a parallel career as a 3D designer, and main interests lie in place and histories as the core of identity. Concerns in his creative work explore the fraught issues of framing and negotiating psychological and physical boundaries and borders.

Ian Brown - Tromba Marina I - 2014 Etching/screenprint

Brown studied at Canterbury College of Art and Camberwell College of Art, London and now also runs the Volcanic Editions print workshop, Brighton. His abiding interest is in the transient nature of natural phenomena and he deploys a wide range of classic and recent technologies in his practice. He also explores the relationship between natural and mediated experiences, employing his own photographs, the internet, video, as well commercial printed material.

Nigel Oxley - Triptych 1 ‘After': Largo - 2014 Drypoint

Oxley has had a long career as a Master Etcher, at White Ink and then Kelpra in London and teaching at London Metropolitan University. He developed and editioned work for a great many well-known international artists, evolving innovative techniques enabling artists to utilise similar aesthetics in a different medium, including the carborundum process. He studied painting at Camberwell School of Art, London and explores diverse printmaking techniques, recently focused on acutely sensitive drawing with the needle in drypoint. He is joint founder of the Prism project and lives, creates and teaches in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.

Yoko Hara - Sakaimeno-fukei 4 - 2014 Etching

Hara received an MA from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, followed by a Japanese Government art fellowship. She has exhibited widely internationally and received awards for her work. Her images emerge from indelible but dim recollections of long ago, fragments of ambiguous shapes on her ‘mental screen’ resolved as complex and subtle etchings with bold characteristics.


Toshihisa Fudezuka - Chaos to Logos - 2005 Etching, mezzotint, chin colle

Fudezuka studied at Tokyo University of Fine Art, researched printmaking on fellowships in Canada and Poland and has exhibited in numerous countries, receiving prizes and awards. There are three main threads: resistance to mental or intellectual constraints; consciousness of the Self as construct and as nature; creative intuition requiring consummate skills for its most lucid expression. Through this he seeks to reach the viewer at an empathetic level reflecting true human experience.


Tomohide Kameyama - Une forme-s-2008 VIII - Etching, wood-cut, collage

Kameyama graduated from the Sokei Academy of Fine Arts, has exhibited in numerous countries and received several awards, and he lived and worked for three years in Paris. His work is described as being like a haiku poem, small elements coalescing into meaning, order emerging from an apparent chaos of isolated incidents. Focusing intently on the single object, a flower or plant, its uniqueness is then understood in terms of its sibling nature to all other natural forms; the small becomes large by implication.


Keisuke Kinoshita - Scene DPWW 01302 - 2013 - Lithograph, etching

Kinoshita graduated with an MA in print making from Tokyo University of the Arts. He received a government grant to study in Ireland, and has exhibited widely outside Japan. He is now a professor at Tokyo Zokei University. Kinoshita’s printmaking explores dimensions of between-ness; where his oeuvre approaches formalism he undoes this by impositions of representation which resituate the content of the printed layer in a zone of indeterminacy pulsating with repressed meaning. www. www.


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Prism was part of the IXth Engraving Exhibition in the Santa Maria della Pietà in Cremona, Italy, September 24 - October 29, 2017!

" An amazing achievement to have brought so many intensely interesting artists and their works together"

– Prof. John White visiting Prism 5 London