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PRISM Kraków - Conspectus 

PRISM has been given the honour of holding an exhibition in Krakow at the Centrum Gallery as part of the famous SMTG International Print Triennial 2021 programme, August 11 - 31  (extended to 6th September)

For now, you can download the Catalogue for this exhibition 

Artists left to right:  Ammarin Kuntawong, Haruko Cho, Sumi Perera, David Ferry RE, Toshihiko Ikeda, Kitikong Tilokwattanotai, Jim Monson, Karen Daye-Hutchinson ARE


An international organisation of master print artists who have joined together to promote the art of fine art printmaking worldwide. We encourage cultural exchange and mutual understanding through art

PRISM hopes to be able to hold live exhibitions in the near future

We plan comprehensive exhibitions of our members’ work in London, New Zealand and outside London over the next two years

The recent state of the whole World has changed so many things for everyone, some drastically and very negatively. PRISM nevertheless intends to continue and to struggle to overcome the multitude of difficulties created by changes to  health, politics and through economic discord. 

We are not based in one country as our members who are spread across the Globe manage PRISM affairs between them, using the profound opportunities of the internet to keep in touch, share and develop new ideas and approaches, and to plan ways and means of helping print artists be seen.

Artist: Vladimiro Elvieri

Instagram:  @prismprint

Instagram @prismprint

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